Complete Wiring Upgrades in Tulsa, OK

As time goes by, the wiring in your home will need to be upgraded just like any other appliance or fixture. When you consider that the wires are the pathway for electricity to flow to all of the various devices and appliances in your house, it’s easy to see why you should keep them in good working condition. Our team at K&K Electric can provide you with dependable wiring upgrades of any kind that will keep your home’s electrical system in good working order and will keep your family safe. We are a family-owned and operated local business and we will always make a point of going the extra mile to ensure you and your family are safe and comfortable.

Get in touch with us today for high-quality wiring upgrades in Tulsa, OK, or any of the surrounding communities.

Reasons to Upgrade the Wiring in Your Tulsa Home

No homeowner wants to think about having to upgrade their electrical system but wiring upgrades can help keep your home safe and running at full capacity. With so many devices and appliances requiring a steady supply of electricity, you want your wires to be in good condition to avoid the need for disruption or costly repairs. Some of the reasons you may want to consider a wiring upgrade in Tulsa include:

  • Bringing your home’s electrical system up to code

  • Meeting the power needs of new appliances or devices

  • Preventing fires or shocks from damaged wires

  • So you can add new outlets in the house for greater convenience

  • If you are planning a home remodel or renovation

Signs It’s Time for a Wiring Upgrade

It’s always best to call a professional and avoid the DIY approach when it comes to home wiring upgrades. With so many different things that can go wrong, it only makes sense to trust the job to a licensed professional that has the experience and troubleshooting abilities you need. Some of the signs that it’s time to call for a wiring upgrade include:

  • Discolored outlets

  • Outlets that are hot to the touch outdated, two-pronged outlets throughout the house

  • If there are no GFCI outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

  • Breakers that repeatedly trip

  • Tingling or buzzing sensation when you touch appliances

  • Flickering or dimming lights

  • The smell of something burning near appliances or outlets

Proudly Serving Tulsa and Surrounding Communities

We provide safe and reliable wiring upgrades in Tulsa and these nearby areas:

Why Work with Us?

We will always make a point of treating your home with respect so you can feel comfortable when we are working on your electrical system. Our attention to detail and memorable customer service will make you want to tell all your friends and neighbors about us. Our goal is to make you feel special from the very first call until the job is complete. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Emergency services available 24 hours a day

  • Flexible financing options to help meet your budget

  • Friendly and courteous technicians that are fully insured and bonded

  • Upfront pricing with no hidden fees on your bill

  • A local service provider that prefers to invest money back into the community

If you’re looking for high-quality wiring upgrades in Tulsa, OK, or any of the nearby communities, call us today and schedule an appointment for service you can count on.



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