Comprehensive Electrical Repair Services
in Glenpool, OK

When you have access to a reputable team of electrical experts, you can feel confident that your home’s electrical system will be running smoothly all year long. At K&K Electric, we provide a range of professional home services in the Glenpool, OK area. As a family-owned and operated business, we take great pride in the local community and in building long-lasting relationships with every customer we serve.

Do you need proven home services in Glenpool, OK, or nearby areas? Get in touch with us today for trusted electrical services that make a difference.

Do You Have an Electrical Emergency in Glenpool?

Electrical emergencies don’t always consist of a raging fire that has been sparked by faulty wiring in the house. Anytime you have a fire in the house it has to be considered an emergency, but when it comes to your electrical system, there are certain instances that require immediate attention even though they may seem relatively mild at the time. Your electrical system is the last thing you want to take for granted because it always has the potential to cause grave injuries, depending on the situation. Some of the scenarios that deserve a quick call to our team of electrical experts include:

  • Sparks coming from wires or electrical outlets

  • Fallen power lines on your property

  • Tripping circuits that are accompanied by a burning smell

  • Scorched looking electrical outlets

  • Getting shocked if you touch appliances or try to plug something into your outlets

  • Long term power outages

Benefits of Professional Lighting Installation

When you call in a professional for lighting installation inside your home or outside, you’re going to notice a big difference in the way your property looks and the overall feel. Whether it’s general lighting, accent lighting, dimmer lights, task lighting on the inside of your house, or stylish lights to highlight the outside, new lights can have a big impact. Depending on the nature of your lighting project, giving us a call for lighting installation in Glenpool can offer benefits that include:

  • Better overall safety and security for you and your family

  • A change in ambiance or mood

  • Highlighting features that you want everyone to see

  • Improving your curb appeal

  • Boosting home value

Reputable Smoke Detector Repair and Installation

Smoke detector installation is one of the most important home services to help you prevent a family tragedy that’s happened to so many others in the past. There’s no questioning the effectiveness and practicality of having functioning smoke detectors in your home, and getting professional help to have them installed correctly can mean the difference between getting you and your family out to safety and catastrophe. Some of the signs that it’s time to have a professional look at your smoke detector include:

  • A yellow looking tinge on the outside of your smoke detector

  • If the smoke detector goes off all on its own when there was no smoke around

  • If you hear constant chirping sound coming from the smoke detector

  • If your smoke detector includes parts that have been recalled

Many homeowners like to use the DIY approach when it comes to installing smoke detectors, and while that’s certainly possible in most cases, it is important to make note of some of the common mistakes that are made. These include:

  • An insufficient number of smoke detectors for your living space

  • Not replacing smoke detectors that have past their expiry date

  • Removing batteries after you hear a false alarm but forgetting to replace them

  • Putting smoke detectors in the wrong locations of your house

Our Wide Range of Home Services in Glenpool, OK

We proudly offer the following services in Glenpool:

Why Work with Us?

Our goal is to treat you like a member of the family so you feel safe and comfortable and want to tell all your friends and neighbors about us. Our attention to detail, high-quality electrical services, and exceptional customer service mean you never have to worry about your electrical system as long as we’re on the job. Additional benefits of working with us include:

  • 24-hour emergency services

  • Fully insured and bonded technicians who are friendly and courteous

  • Honest, upfront pricing with no hidden fees

  • Budget-friendly financing options

  • We make a point of investing money back into the local community

When you need high-quality home services to keep your electrical system running smoothly in Glenpool, OK, or surrounding areas, get in touch with us for reliable service you can count on.



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    Amazing Service

    Review of K & K Electric LLC

    Lucas was at my house a little earlier than expected which was awesome. He was awesome to talk to and a pleasure to have worked with. He also finished the job a couple hours earlier than expected which was also great. Service from K&K was top tier.

    GlenpoolOK74033 35.9625-95.9875

    Great job

    Review of K & K Electric LLC

    They got me taken care of quickly. Did a great job, and most importantly it works great.

    GlenpoolOK74033 35.9575-95.9925

    Lucas T.

    Lucas T.

    Panel upgrade

    Near E 138th Pl, Glenpool, OK 74033
    Lucas T.

    Lucas T.

    Installing receptacle for air conditioner

    Near S Nyssa Ave, Glenpool, OK 74033
    Aaron R.

    Aaron R.

    Add plug in

    Near S Nyssa Ave, Glenpool, OK 74033
    Glenpool, OK - Add plug in
    Yevgeniy Y.

    Yevgeniy Y.

    Adding a circuit, upgrading breaker box

    Near S Nyssa Ave, Glenpool, OK 74033
    Glenpool, OK - Adding a circuit, upgrading breaker box
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